I experienced so many amazing experiences and encounters during my cocoa travels in Peru and Ecuador. Below are just a few highlights of my journey which I wish to share.

Through my own eyes and experience, I explain as simply as I can everything I learnt and discovered. I have attached some links of subjects that I hope you will find both interesting and educational.

Discover the  harvest and post-harvest techniques in cacao cultivation explained as simply as possible.

Selection of the cocoa pod

Cocoa Harvest

Read about the importance of fermentation and drying techniques for developing the natural taste and aroma of the beans.

Fermentation modules

Drying the cocoa bean

And discover how cocoa is transformed into liquor and chocolate.

Transforming the beans in to cocoa liquor


Learn how I developed my sensory skills for cacao liquor tasting which I was later able to develop and share with the cacao-producing communities of Chulucanas.

Developing my sensory skills in liquor tasting

Liquor tasting with the cocoa farmers

Learn all about the best agricultural practices for the management of a well run cocoa plantation. In this posting you can learn all about grafting, pruning, pollination and pest/disease control.


Pest and disease control

Read about my experience with the cocoa-growing communities, and the challenges that cocoa-farming communities face in making a sustainable living out of cocoa farming.  And how in Peru, cocoa is gradually replacing coca production.

Chulucanas Community

Cocoa farming community

Learn about the different cocoa varieties I discovered during my travels Peru – the cacao chuncho in the southern region and the cacao blanco in the northern region of Peru.

Cacao Chuncho

cacao blanco

Learn all about the different activities that Peru is doing to promote their cocoa; the Salon de Cacao y Chocolate and El Cacao de Oro.


Cacao de Oro

And finally my experience in Ecuador, where I explain the challenges in preserving the Nacional cocoa variety.

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