On the national news promoting Peru’s cacao!

Along with the chocolatiers and one of Peru’s best gastronomical chef, Israel Laura, we went to discover Lima’s central food market.

As we went round the market stalls, the TV cameras followed us.

You can watch the news bulletin where I feature and comment on Peru’s gastronomical scene, in particular its great native cacao varieties!

The amount of fresh ingredients that we see, is quite amazing. Peru is a paradise for its freshly grown products. A dream! The diversity of fresh fish is just incredible, I have never seen so much fish and fresh seafood in one place!

One of the things that I love about Peru is that you can eat some of the best food ever regardless of your budget. Whether you are rich or poor, good food plays an important role in the Peruvian way of life.

We then went to have lunch in a typical Limeño taberna called “La Buena Muerte’ (the Good Death), as the name implies, the food is to die for! We ate all types of Peruvian specialities and dishes.

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  1. Absolutely! Peru has one of the most exquisite culinary scenes I’ve discovered in a long while. I have a blog post about some of the chefs we met while in Lima at http://diversionswithdoreen.com/limas-culinary-scene-does-not-disappoint/. Did you eat at any of the restos I mention?

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