In search of a fine chocolate maker

As we look into the creation of the Consortium’s own chocolate brand, one of the first things we need to do is find a local chocolate maker that can transform the cooperatives’ cocoa beans into a fine chocolate bar. Our first point of call is Daida, a family chocolate-making business run by a charming Peruvian couple, Ricardo and Aida (hence the name Daida).

As they show us round, I see that all the chocolate making is completely done by hand! Apparently Miguelito alone makes 3,000 chocolates per week.

As Ricardo explains the different processes of chocolate making, I can’t help noticing some exquisite chocolate packaging in the corner. It turns out that Daida has started to develop chocolate g-strings or “tangas”  for the Peruvian market as part of their product extension.

The red string goes round your waist, and the hole in the chocolate is reserved for … yes, you guessed it!  I am told that the size of the hole is calculated by taking the average size of an African and a Chinese male organ. An interesting finding…

As Vilsic gets excited about this potential new business opportunity, I gently remind him of our core brand values and marketing strategy.

On Friday we will be visiting another chocolate factory – I wonder what chocolate opportunities we will discover there!

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4 replies

  1. You certainly havent wasted any time getting stuck in, it seems ‘all go’. Well, do you have to try out the above product?!! I hope you are enjoying the Peruvian experience, it all sounds very interesting..
    Much love, Libby

  2. ha – juliet – i can just picture you trying not to giggle!

  3. Yes, let’s see who’s making chocolates for men!

  4. Chocolate G-strings… waouh, what next? Looks like you’re having fun and making the most of every day. Enjoying the blog, keep it going, xoxo Ems

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